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Backing Up and Syncing Multiple Computers with OpenDrive

22 Apr 2014 | Under Android, Business, iOS, Mac, Windows | Posted by | 0 Comments

If you’re like the average person, you probably have more than one computer or technological device that you use frequently. You probably also have a great deal of important data and files on multiple devices that you want to be backed up regularly. Perhaps you need to easily share files across multiple computers without having […]

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Backing Up VS. Syncing with OpenDrive

27 Mar 2014 | Under Mac, Windows | Posted by | 0 Comments

If you are new to the cloud storage world, different terminology that is used to describe features of a service can be confusing if you don’t know exactly what those terms mean.  For example, you might be wondering what exactly the differences are between backing up and syncing your files or folders. Backups can make […]

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Backing Up Your Videos with OpenDrive

21 Mar 2014 | Under Android, iOS, Linux, Mac, WebDAV, Website, Windows | Posted by | 0 Comments

Your videos can hold memories of important times in your life or even reflect presentations of your hard work. One hard drive failure could result in hours of your important video footage, family time, and movie collection being lost forever. OpenDrive offers a great service that is easy to use and effective to back up […]

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Backing Up Your Music with OpenDrive

19 Mar 2014 | Under Android, iOS, Linux, Mac, WebDAV, Website, Windows | Posted by | 0 Comments

Technology has made great advancements in the past several years. Due to this, a great deal of our media is now in a digital format, including our music. Not having hard copies makes it especially easy to lose files due to hardware failures or other forms of loss. With music being as expensive and important […]

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Backing Up Your Photos with OpenDrive

17 Mar 2014 | Under Android, iOS, Linux, Mac, Website, Windows | Posted by | 0 Comments

We are currently living in one of the most photogenic times. Cameras on almost of all of our devices allow for quick and easy ways to snap a memory. Making sure these memories are backed up is a necessity to avoid heartache later on. With OpenDrive, it is easy to back up your photos across […]

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Backing Up Personal Documents with OpenDrive

15 Mar 2014 | Under Mac, WebDAV, Windows | Posted by | 0 Comments

We all know that it is incredibly important to back our files up regularly and frequently. Cloud storage is a great tool for a business environment where files are continuously shared between colleagues, making this process nearly effortless. But what about your personal information? Personal computer and device failures can happen as well, and losing […]

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Third Party WebDAV Apps with OpenDrive

11 Mar 2014 | Under Android, Linux, Mac, WebDAV, Windows | Posted by | 0 Comments

Limitations are rarely a good thing, especially when it comes to your cloud storage or backup provider. The ability to bridge across all user platforms and through various applications is not only a great convenience, but can often be vital. OpenDrive offers versatility with their ability to be used through third party apps via a […]

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Pausing and Resuming Tasks with OpenDrive

7 Mar 2014 | Under Mac, Windows | Posted by | 0 Comments

In this day and age, things can get hectic and often leave you yearning for a pause button. The ability to pause certain technologies is both convenient and a necessity at times. While OpenDrive can’t help with a hold button on life, they can offer this technological convenience in your cloud and backup tasks with […]

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Task Filtering with OpenDrive

5 Mar 2014 | Under Mac, Windows | Posted by | 0 Comments

One of the main benefits of a cloud storage and backup service is convenience. With OpenDrive’s Sync and Backup Manager, you can streamline your backup and sync tasks by scheduling or altering those tasks to work for you, whenever you need to and the way you need to. Perhaps you need to make a folder […]

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Working with Sync and Backup Tasks with OpenDrive

21 Feb 2014 | Under Mac, Windows | Posted by | 0 Comments

Of all the features of OpenDrive that we have been showcasing over the past few months, the most valuable is the automated Sync and Backup Manager. The Sync and Backup Manager is capable of taking thousands of file functions and tasks, across thousands of files and folders, and execute them automatically and according to a […]

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