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Backing Up and Syncing Multiple Computers with OpenDrive

22 Apr 2014 | Under Android, Business, iOS, Mac, Windows | Posted by | 0 Comments

If you’re like the average person, you probably have more than one computer or technological device that you use frequently. You probably also have a great deal of important data and files on multiple devices that you want to be backed up regularly. Perhaps you need to easily share files across multiple computers without having to download them as email attachments or go through the hassle of putting them on external hard drives.  With OpenDrive’s Sync and Backup Manager, you can easily connect all of your devices and computers for the easiest backup and access experience you’ve ever had.

A great deal of cloud services limit how many devices you can actually back up or upload from. Most providers charge extra fees for anything more than a single device. This restriction can be both costly and frustrating. OpenDrive breaks this barrier and allows users to back up as many devices or computers as they would like. You can back up your tablet, phone, netbook and PC, all to one cloud account, with no extra fees or gimmicks. Doing this only requires one login and therefore one account. Multiple device support is perfect for those who are especially tech savvy with a lot of devices, or even families who want to make sure their data is backed up in one place without the need for separate accounts or logins.

Another feature that sets OpenDrive apart from other storage providers is the ability to create a virtual private network between multiple computers and users. With the Sync and Backup Manager, multiple computer syncing is easy. To get started, simply create a sync task on the first computer, selecting which folders you wish to be available across your network, and put that path in the “from” section. Put the folder destination on OpenDrive into the “to” section and allow the files to upload to the cloud. Next, log into OpenDrive from a second computer and create a sync task there by filling in the “from” section with the same OpenDrive folder you have already set to upload and sync from the first computer. Then, select a destination on the second computer where the files will be stored and put that path in the “to” section. You can continue to do this with as many computers as you would like. Files will be synced across all connected computers and users. Every change made by every user, on any computer or directly on the OpenDrive Cloud, will be synced and updated to reflect across your virtual private network. You can easily create multiple private networks by syncing different folders and subfolders.

With OpenDrive, making sure that all of your computers and devices are consistently backed up in one place is very easy and affordable. Only needing one account lets you store all of your files in one organized setting and eliminates multiple passwords and logins. Plus, with easy syncing and sharing via a virtual private network, your life can be simplified. OpenDrive’s Sync and Backup Manager, as well as other great features included in one affordable package, makes them stand out above and beyond the competition.

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