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Is Unlimited Storage Truly Unlimited?

10 Oct 2019 | Under General | Posted by | 0 Comments

OpenDrive provides personal unlimited plans for home users as well as business unlimited plans for business users. Often the question arises about how much space can be stored in an unlimited plan, since it is obviously not possible to store every single information bit that has been created since the dawn of computers plan that […]

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Using Roku with OpenDrive

10 Sep 2015 | Under General | Posted by | 0 Comments

There are many interesting things you can do with your OpenDrive account, and we have recently discovered one of the most interesting things yet. OpenDrive users share their files in many ways and across many platforms and applications. One of the most clever ways to do this is by creating your own private Roku channel. […]

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The Benefits of Free Cloud Storage

1 Jan 2015 | Under General | Posted by | 0 Comments

As long as cloud storage providers have been offering their solutions, they have been offering free accounts. It is just good business sense. When you have a virtually untapped market all over the world that you are trying to get a piece of, it is important to at least give away something. Since the beginning […]

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Storage Predictions for 2015

26 Dec 2014 | Under General | Posted by | 0 Comments

As we approach the new year, we have done a lot of reflection about the cloud storage services that have been offered in 2014, including the innovations, pricing changes, relationships of the bigger companies with their customers and much more. We have seen a lot of up and coming cloud storage providers come and go […]

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Replacing Your Server with the Cloud

23 Dec 2014 | Under General | Posted by | 0 Comments

You’ve had that old server for many years now and it has no doubt been a dependable means of storing your files. It no doubt cost several thousand dollars to purchase and even more to set up and configure, requiring an IT specialist with the skills necessary to make it work in your own custom […]

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Looking for an Unlimited Bitcasa Alternative?

4 Nov 2014 | Under General | Posted by | 0 Comments

As our technological lives grow daily, our need to store data does too. Need for unlimited everything seems to be the norm. Bitcasa recently caused waves when they announced that they would discontinue their famous UNLIMITED storage plan, citing that low demand helped them make the decision that, “supporting an Infinite plan is not a […]

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Cloud Storage and iOS 8 Compatibility

24 Oct 2014 | Under General | Posted by | 0 Comments

In a world where it seems like new updates are required for our tech devices on a weekly, if not daily, basis, it would be nice to know that the cloud storage we use is ready for whatever. Sometimes, updates make our favorite apps and programs run a bit on the quirky side, but usually […]

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In Defense of Cloud Storage

21 Oct 2014 | Under General | Posted by | 0 Comments

In the past, the business atmosphere has been the focus of top of the line technology. This technology isn’t always the easiest or most fun to use—a particular scene from the movie Office Space comes to mind. But, tech in the workplace doesn’t have to be that frustrating, at all. Most business technology is meant […]

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OpenDrive Cloud Storage Offers Extensive Features

14 Oct 2014 | Under General | Posted by | 0 Comments

You turn to cloud storage for backup, storage, and convenience. Most providers are okay stopping there. OpenDrive is different. OpenDrive goes above and beyond by offering features that not only make your life easier, but also eliminate the need for some other apps. If you’re a media buff, you probably have a lot of movies […]

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Researching Cloud Storage

7 Oct 2014 | Under General | Posted by | 0 Comments

Looking at a cloud storage provider’s features and prices are most likely how you make the determination on who to store your data with. While this is very important, there are more behind the scenes type things to look at. For instance, checking out a provider’s support desk and knowledge base could be one of […]

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