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Pausing and Resuming Tasks with OpenDrive

7 Mar 2014 | Under Mac, Windows | Posted by | 0 Comments

In this day and age, things can get hectic and often leave you yearning for a pause button. The ability to pause certain technologies is both convenient and a necessity at times. While OpenDrive can’t help with a hold button on life, they can offer this technological convenience in your cloud and backup tasks with the ability to pause and resume with just the click of your mouse.

In the Sync and Backup Manager, you will first want to either create a new task or select one you have already set up by choosing it from the task list. With the task highlighted, you will see the “Start” and “Pause” options under the task progress bar. On the right side of the progress bar, you will see a “Pause All” option. Alternatively, you can also right click on the task and be presented with “Start”, “Stop”, “Pause” and “Resume” options.

Upon clicking “Start” to begin a single task, you will see the progress bar begin to move. You will now see that “Start” has changed to “Stop”. Please note that clicking “Stop” will completely halt your tasks and they will start from the beginning next time they are initiated. If you have multiple tasks running that you would like to pause, you can click the large “Pause All” option on the right side of the progress bar. To resume multiple tasks, simply click “Resume All” to start your upload again.

Using the pause feature will allow you to hold your tasks where they are, permitting you to perform any changes you may need to make or complete a major manual upload. You can then simply resume your tasks and rest assured that all things will be integrated smoothly. The pause feature is also useful if you need to utilize a large amount of your Internet bandwidth for a separate activity, such as streaming video or performing large downloads. You can pause one or more tasks immediately to dedicate all of your bandwidth to the job at hand, resuming your sync or backup task with OpenDrive later, avoiding the need to start from scratch.

The abilities to pause and resume are just a couple of the many useful features you will find in OpenDrive’s Sync and Backup Manager. This feature is great for when things need to be put on a temporary hold without having to start all over. OpenDrive knows your time and data are precious and they aim to implement all the features necessary to make your cloud computing experience as easy and user friendly as possible, while maintaining the same reliability and security standards your business has come to rely on.

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