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Backing Up Your Videos with OpenDrive

21 Mar 2014 | Under Android, iOS, Linux, Mac, WebDAV, Website, Windows | Posted by | 0 Comments

Your videos can hold memories of important times in your life or even reflect presentations of your hard work. One hard drive failure could result in hours of your important video footage, family time, and movie collection being lost forever. OpenDrive offers a great service that is easy to use and effective to back up your videos. With their state of the art, friendly to use desktop and mobile software, the best time to get started with backing up your videos is now.

If you edit, direct, or just work with video in general, maintaining copies of your footage is top priority. With OpenDrive, you can use their Sync and Backup Manager to regularly back up your video. An up to date version will be ever present on your cloud after your scheduled task has been run. You can also upload your videos manually if you prefer not to have regularly scheduled backup tasks. Accessing those files that are saved on the cloud is easy as well. Simply log into your OpenDrive account from any device with a cellular or Internet connection and begin streaming your video directly to that device, whether it is through the device’s browser or media player app.

At this time, supported video types are: MP4 (AAC/H.264), FLV, M4V, MPG, and MPEG, which cover a great majority of standard video types. Imagine being able to share a client’s video by simply emailing them a link to the file, allowing them to stream it immediately. These features allow for flexibility with accessing your backups and what you do with them.

For the personal or home user, backing up your memories and personal video collection is also easy and efficient with OpenDrive’s desktop applications for Windows and Mac. The Sync and Backup Manager allows scheduling for those who prefer routine backups, and also allows for easy manual backups with just a few clicks. For those videos caught on the go, you can upload through OpenDrive’s mobile app or a third party app that supports WebDAV connections. The video uploaded there is still accessible, safe, and no different than if you uploaded directly from your PC.

Your videos are simply pieces of time and memories caught in a digital file, convenient to access and recall at any time, but also easy to lose. Making sure that you have copies stored in the cloud offers peace of mind, as well as easy retrieval, in the event of damage or loss to the original file. The flexibility that OpenDrive gives with their desktop software and apps also offers convenience and a way to share your videos at a moment’s notice. OpenDrive’s fantastic security features and great support ensure that your information is safe and you can rest assured that you have help that is always just an email or call away.

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