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Third Party WebDAV Apps with OpenDrive

11 Mar 2014 | Under Android, Linux, Mac, WebDAV, Windows | Posted by | 0 Comments

Limitations are rarely a good thing, especially when it comes to your cloud storage or backup provider. The ability to bridge across all user platforms and through various applications is not only a great convenience, but can often be vital. OpenDrive offers versatility with their ability to be used through third party apps via a WebDAV connection, without sacrificing your security or even your file permissions.

WebDAV stands for “Web Distributed Authoring and Versioning”. Basically, it is a way to access and manage your files through an FTP client. Through OpenDrive, using WebDAV is a completely secure and reliable way to work with your files on the cloud. While this is useful for those with a platform that doesn’t have a corresponding application offered, it is also useful through various third party apps across the board of available devices and operating systems. You can still access, edit, and backup your files without being tied down to just OpenDrive applications, allowing you and your data more freedom and options.

Various free mobile applications allow access through WebDAV such as ES File Explorer for Android devices and WebDAV navigator for iOS. With these applications, not only can you view your files on OpenDrive but you can also move and rename files, download and upload between your device and the cloud, and much more. In essence, they offer you complete control of your data both on the cloud and on your device, enhancing your WebDAV experience with intuitive user interfaces. If files are located in your OpenDrive account, you can access, edit, and move them around freely between both locations. With certain Android apps, such as the previously mentioned ES File Explorer, you can even backup and upload files at the root level. This breaks barriers and gives you the ability to navigate as far down in your device’s files as you need to, so you can upload them for backup purposes, to copy, or even to share. There are also various options for Windows phones, although most of the apps offered for that platform are not free.

There are also free third party applications for your desktop needs, such as Cyberduck and BitKinex. Using WebDAV to connect, your OpenDrive directory is completely accessible in a FTP-style interface and can even be mapped as a network drive. You can perform all vital tasks including moving, renaming, editing, and uploading or downloading files effortlessly between your PC, mobile devices, and the cloud. Setup through most third party apps, both mobile and desktop based, is incredibly easy. Simply enter the OpenDrive server name, https://webdav.opendrive.com, then your username and password.

One of the most important things to remember when using a WebDAV connection, even when through a third party app, is that you are still completely and wholly secure with OpenDrive’s high standards. You can also experience the same file permissions and access privileges you get when using a direct OpenDrive application. WebDAV availability, both directly and through third party apps, is simply another means of convenience and a great example of the “no bars” attitude OpenDrive takes with your data and preferences.

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