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Backing Up Personal Documents with OpenDrive

15 Mar 2014 | Under Mac, WebDAV, Windows | Posted by | 0 Comments

We all know that it is incredibly important to back our files up regularly and frequently. Cloud storage is a great tool for a business environment where files are continuously shared between colleagues, making this process nearly effortless. But what about your personal information? Personal computer and device failures can happen as well, and losing all of your precious pictures, videos and music could be more detrimental than you think. With OpenDrive, separating your work life from your personal life on the cloud is organized, efficient, and incredibly easy. Additionally, with the versatile permission settings and state of the art security offered by OpenDrive, the safety of your personal files is guaranteed.

Long gone are the days of keeping a copy of your photos and documents on a CD in your safe. Backing up your personal documents is now easier than ever, and regular backup tasks can be set up to run on your preferred schedule with OpenDrive’s Sync and Backup Manager. By using the OpenDrive cloud, you can ensure that the latest versions of your personal files are there at all times and are easy to retrieve in the event of an accidental deletion or device malfunction. Your files are also at your fingertips at all times, allowing easy retrieval or sharing with the ability to access them anytime and from anywhere with OpenDrive’s mobile apps or any third party app with WebDAV support.

Being able to create as many folders as you like within your OpenDrive drive allows you to create a structure that is based on what you find to be easy and organized. Setting access permissions for your folders allows control over who is able to see and access your files, so you can make your personal documents completely private, or allow some of them to be open to the public. For example, you can set your photo folder as hidden or public so it can be shared easily via a link with family or friends, while making your music files and personal documents private so only you can access them. These features allow for both security and ease of access when utilizing the cloud, and they provide great organization for your backups.

You don’t want to be end up being a victim of device failure and lose your precious memories or documents. OpenDrive makes sure that you are safe in any of these events. A few simple steps can ensure that you memories are backed up in a safe location for easy download to all of your devices at any time, whether you wish to perform these operations automatically in set intervals, or on the fly and on demand. OpenDrive can provide peace of mind in both your work and personal life, all within your very own cloud.

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