OpenDrive Enterprise Solution

A Custom Cloud with White Glove Service

OpenDrive Enterprise provides customized solutions for businesses that require high-touch service. Using our unique compression, de-duplication and geographically redundant technology, businesses with large storage demands of hundreds of Terabytes to Exabytes can take advantage of our cloud storage experience and expertise. Accounts include a dedicated account representative along with an engineering team that learns your business requirements and architects a solution that allows businesses to focus their time on their business and not managing their cloud storage.

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Manage and Share Large Amounts of Data

Custom solutions specific to your business allowing virtually unlimited storage and bandwidth solutions for all types of big data needs including backups, syncing, hosting or streaming. Intuitive and familiar file and folder structures allow administrator and users to jump right in with little or no additional training whatsoever.

Fully Monitored, Maintained and Secured

Our staff will keep an eye on storage, bandwidth, processes, and logs to ensure that up-time and security is handled proactively. Upgrades, notifications and reporting are all provided. With high-availability configurations, nearly all maintenance can be done without downtime during a flexible and convenient schedule.

Encrypted Data at Rest and in Transit

All or part of client data can be encrypted in cloud storage using a 256-bit key that only the end user has access to and whomever the user shares it with. Encryption is provided during transit using a variety of secure methods using 256-bit SSL or TLS ensuring the data is safe 100% of the time. End-to-end encryption is a very valuable asset in this modern era.

Share Files & Folders of Any Size with Anyone

With an OpenDrive custom private cloud you can share or collaborate on files with thousands or millions of users via links or shortcuts. Open any MS Office file or stream audio and video files with as many users as needed. Exceptionally fast upload and download speeds available via CDN ensure a positive experience for users worldwide.

Create and Edit Files in Our Online Office Suite

Create folders and subfolders, text or word documents, spreadsheets or presentations, right on OpenDrive without installing any additional software.

Collaborate on Any File or Folder

Edit up to 17 types of files and documents with our integrated online office suite. File versioning helps you get back to and restore any revision.

Share Mutliple Files through Folder Links and Shortcuts

The easiest way to share multiple files is through our Folder links. Anyone can upload files to your folders, and download entire folders or selected files in zip format.

Tracking and Alerts that Clients have Updated Files

If requested, activity notifications are sent to the account owner when files are uploaded, modified or trashed.

Create and Manage Account Users

Manage account users, content, folder permissions, storage and bandwidth allocations, and much more – all in one centralized console.

Create Groups and Manage Users within Groups

Assign users to specific groups, apply permissions, and manage users by group.

Enable Users to View or Edit Permitted Folders

Select what folders your account users can access. Account users can be granted permissions to edit or trash files in selected folders, or just view files.

Be Informed about Account User Activity

Get a complete audit trail of file and user activity. With activity logs, you can sort usage reports by login, downloads, upload frequency and more.

Company Logo and Colors

Customize the OpenDrive website interface with your company logo and color scheme.

Custom User Experience

Share files, collaborate, check progress of projects and access those critical files from anywhere at anytime. Designed for the businessperson on the go.

Drive Name

Account administrators can rename your drive name to a name other than the OpenDrive default.

Branded Email Notifications

Emails (You can send files and folders, new user invitations, and activity notifications by email) are branded with your business logo.

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FC Barcelona

Office Max

Michigan State University

“Winner of our Top Ten Reviews Gold Award, OpenDrive for Business Unlimited is the best small business backup solution available.”

Top Ten Reviews

“OpenDrive is perfect for individuals and businesses who want a flexible cloud storage plan that enables them to easily edit and share their files without any limitations on uploading.”


“OpenDrive for Mac provides a sizable amount of storage space…and has the features expected of a storage program.”


“OpenDrive is an excellent Product. I really enjoy the sync options for backups.”

Blair T. - OpenDrive User

“OpenDrive is new to me and so far it’s one of the most stable Cloud Storage that I’ve used. My job requires me to travel a lot and OpenDrive is the most ideal storage to keep your travel light.”

Anson N., OpenDrive User