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User Guide

OpenDrive is accessible in all modern browsers on any device. Our modular platform delivers a wide range of cloud based services for home users as well as businesses and service providers to offer their clients; such whole computer backups, folder and file backups, folder syncing, file hosting and sharing, collaboration, text creation, storage solutions and more. Backups and folder syncing are scheduled from the end user’s computer via separate Apps that are downloaded from the Applications drop down on our web site home page menu.

The OpenDrive Admin portal is where new users will start and allows the account administrator to easily add and administer new users and folders, assign permissions, configure multiple file versions, define link behavior, manage account settings and profile details, add and notes, as well as set up and manage progress of projects with our task manager and archive completed project tasks. End users are able to upload and manage files in their own accounts, edit office files with our online editor, save multiple versions of a file as well as manage tasks and notes with permissions assigned by the administrator.


Browser Screenshots

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    File management
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    Account users management
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    Account details
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    Administrate your users