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Looking for an Unlimited Bitcasa Alternative?

4 Nov 2014 | Under General | Posted by | 0 Comments

As our technological lives grow daily, our need to store data does too. Need for unlimited everything seems to be the norm. Bitcasa recently caused waves when they announced that they would discontinue their famous UNLIMITED storage plan, citing that low demand helped them make the decision that, “supporting an Infinite plan is not a viable business for [them].” Bitcasa also states that the number of suspected cases of abuse have risen, further leading to the decision to remove its unlimited storage option.

This news comes out as Bitcasa announces a restructuring of not only their storage servers, but their packages and pricing. Bitcasa has undergone a year-long storage revamp, and in its efforts, has found out that the unlimited storage option offered to its customers is very rarely exercised, and, in some cases, is used to take advantage of the service. Bitcasa representatives state that only 0.5% of its customers use more than 1TB, and less than 0.1% use more than 10TB. For many users, this is the last straw in the line of changes enacted over the past year. Bitcasa has taken their service from unlimited storage for around $100 per year and restricted it to 10TB for a whopping $1000 per year. This is a major change in the game for Bitcasa users, and they are simply perplexed and left in the rain.

These changes are coming soon, also. November 15th is the deadline for customers to move their data or lose it on November 16th. With little notice and a tight deadline, users are finding themselves in a pinch to save precious data. For those not wanting to leave, Bitcasa is pushing its customers to move to the new 1TB plan for the price that most users were paying for unlimited. There is no planned refund for users who have decided to stay with Bitcasa, either. All of these factors have stirred up a storm on Twitter, as well as other outlets, with numerous angry tweets being focused around Bitcasa’s decision.

So users have a strict deadline find a solution to their Bitcasa blues. Customers feel they should not have to fork over the extra cash to stay with the former unlimited provider. Those former users are going to need a viable solution that includes infinite storage. There are very few unlimited storage options out there, and hardly any offer a fair, much less manageable pricetag. On the other hand, OpenDrive still offers completely unlimited plans, and for prices that won’t destroy your budget.

OpenDrive has been offering unlimited storage continuously, and, paired with some mighty features, it is the best value on the market. What other service offers support for Android, iOS, Windows, and WebDAV, as well as features like Zoho online editor, streaming, and easy file sharing, along with providing an excellent set of features for business plans? OpenDrive allows you to store, backup, and collaborate for a low price and perhaps most importantly, with unlimited options in place. For $12.95 a month for a personal plan, users can experience a no-bars experience on uploads, device usage, file size, and more. Unlimited business options are also in place for your cloud storage starting at $29.95 a month. All of these features and storage come along with OpenDrive’s “Sync and Backup Manager” and an amazing support base. If you are finding yourself in a panic of migrating your data away from Bitcasa, you will surely find your solution in OpenDrive.

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