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In Defense of Cloud Storage

21 Oct 2014 | Under General | Posted by | 0 Comments

In the past, the business atmosphere has been the focus of top of the line technology. This technology isn’t always the easiest or most fun to use—a particular scene from the movie Office Space comes to mind. But, tech in the workplace doesn’t have to be that frustrating, at all. Most business technology is meant to enhance our business, not hang us out to dry in our finest of moments, as it sometimes seems.

Cloud storage is one of the sectors of technology that is becoming increasingly popular. This popularity is attributed, in many cases, to the features that go BEYOND just the storage. Document editing, media streaming, and other features are all becoming popular amongst the best cloud storage providers. But what can these features do for you and your business?

For starters, being able to access your documents anywhere is an excellent tool, one which most business professionals don’t know how they ever worked or lived without. If you need a document while traveling or want to distribute a file virtually from away from the office, cloud storage can help you do that. Cloud storage providers can offer much more than that, however. Cloud storage can make collaboration with others possible for your business. Online document editors allow you to edit and save documents, in real time, allowing more than one person to work on a spreadsheet, report, or presentation at once, from different locations, productively. This feature can also cut down on time, eliminating the need to download and upload documents pre and post edit.

Cloud storage options like file and media streaming are often helpful, as well. Too many presentations and pitches have been ruined by document non-compatibility issues. Media streaming, in effect, cuts out the need to download your files to another computer for playback. From the cloud, you can access, view, and stream your files. This can come in handy, also, when you want to view a file to verify selection before you download it. This further saves you time and uncertainty.

In the case of a catastrophic loss, cloud storage and backup services have your back, as well. In the event of losing your files, computer, or business to fire or flood, your business can go on. Using cloud storage and backup keeps a virtual copy of your most valuable documents hidden away, ready for you when you need them. Sometimes, the information held in these documents is irreplaceable business information. Having the peace of mind that it is free from the possibility of destruction is just something off your plate as a business owner who could use a few good breaks.

Isn’t it time for you to have a business tool that won’t frustrate you to the point of taking it out to a pasture for some good old fashioned anger management? Why not give yourself the opportunity to explore what cloud storage can do for you and your business? You work hard to keep your business running smoothly. Put cloud storage to work for you and your business and see how helpful an office product can really be.

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