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Storage Predictions for 2015

26 Dec 2014 | Under General | Posted by | 0 Comments

As we approach the new year, we have done a lot of reflection about the cloud storage services that have been offered in 2014, including the innovations, pricing changes, relationships of the bigger companies with their customers and much more. We have seen a lot of up and coming cloud storage providers come and go within that same year, whether they were crushed by the competition or absorbed into bigger companies. Reflecting on the past always makes one wonder what the future has in store as well. If we don’t know where we came from, how do we know where we are going? Whether or not we know where we came from, how do we know that where we are going will be the right path?

Through much trial and error, cloud storage has been perfected into the ideal virtual file server and system. As making mistakes is all part of business, so is learning from others mistakes by careful perception of the relevant markets. Many of the could storage providers who are still going strong have learned from their own mistakes, as well as those of other companies. They learned how price points can cost them dearly if they are too high or of they institute policies that don’t take their customers to heart.

So what does 2015 hold for cloud storage? The future we see is very bright for the right providers who offer the right combination of features, conveniences and prices. Industry experts for the past few years have been predicting price wars, and we have seen the beginning o that over the past few years. What makes this relevant to the future, however, is the direction in which server technology will be going. To accommodate the newest and most unbelievably fast computing standards, there will need to be a significant number of upgrades done to cloud storage servers in the next few years to keep the bottleneck from being on the server side. Servers have always been faster than personal computers, but with the advent of solid storage drives and multiple core processors. If cloud storage providers don’t get with those time and upgrade their servers to accommodate these newer, faster processors, drives and RAM, they will find themselves left in the dust.

So naturally, if server equipment has to be upgraded, that will require a significant investment in new equipment, an investment which most smaller companies won’t be able to make, which will force them to be left behind. There is a balance there though, because a lot of companies are going to have to pass some of those costs onto the customers by raising plan prices. That would be the exact opposite of the trend of dropping prices due to the price wars. If those companies raise prices too much, they will also be left out in the cold. All that will be left are the companies who can accommodate the breakneck speeds of modern computing and low prices.

The future we see for cloud storage is indeed a very bright one, and those who are able to stay with the times will be triumphant in the market as they assist more people and businesses into the world of the cloud. Before we know it, everyone will be connected. Click below to get connected today.

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