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Replacing Your Server with the Cloud

23 Dec 2014 | Under General | Posted by | 0 Comments

You’ve had that old server for many years now and it has no doubt been a dependable means of storing your files. It no doubt cost several thousand dollars to purchase and even more to set up and configure, requiring an IT specialist with the skills necessary to make it work in your own custom office network structure. You spent several hours waiting for your files to be available in a common location that all computers in your office could access. This server has indeed served you well, but it is nearing the end of the line. Its days are numbered. What do you do now?

You could purchase another server and spend several thousands of dollars more doing it all over again, just to make sure you can get a few more years of service out of a piece of equipment and a method of file sharing that is quickly and surely becoming obsolete. The other option, which is not only more current with the times, but more practical and definitely more cost effective, is to take that server, throw it in the trash, and upload your files to the cloud.

By switching your file servers to the cloud, you eliminate several obstacles that have put a strain on businesses, both big and small, for several years. Like with a lot of other things in life, great convenience comes at a great price. The easier it is to do something, the more it costs setting it up or to purchase it. Cloud storage, on the other hand, is one of the rare exceptions to that rule. Finally, there is a means to have both convenience and affordability in one package. The great thing about cloud storage, however, is that the convenience doesn’t just come at the end of the process when it is in use. It is also easy and convenient to set up. Anyone with even the most basic computer skills can upload their files to the cloud, and they can retrieve them just as easily.

At this point, it becomes more apparent that cloud storage is the way to go. Why not take advantage of the opportunity to save thousands of dollars on server equipment? Why not save having to pay one or more IT professionals to maintain the server and network? Why not save the trouble of having to still have files emailed to you or loaded onto a flash drive if you want to work outside of the office?

You may be asking: “But what about all those articles I read on business websites saying that cloud storage is way too expensive, even more so than replacing and maintaining servers?” That depends on the cloud storage service. With bigger companies like Dropbox, Google Drive and Amazon S3, the costs will definitely be prohibitive. With the cost of the average business cloud storage service, you can buy 3 servers. But with OpenDrive, a business cloud storage account with unlimited storage space, with access for 20 users, costs a little over $100 per month, which is 1/10 of the cost of other services. TO sweeten that deal, if you sign up today with the link below, you get an additional 10% discount on unlimited plans.

With those low prices, the only argument against business cloud storage that remains, that of affordability, goes right out the window. With OpenDrive, you can go ahead and chuck out those old servers, uploading your files to the cloud, where it will not only save you money but get you access to those files from anywhere and any device with an internet connection. Switch your file servers to the OpenDrive Cloud today.

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