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Cloud Storage and iOS 8 Compatibility

24 Oct 2014 | Under General | Posted by | 0 Comments

In a world where it seems like new updates are required for our tech devices on a weekly, if not daily, basis, it would be nice to know that the cloud storage we use is ready for whatever. Sometimes, updates make our favorite apps and programs run a bit on the quirky side, but usually this is fixed with an app update to accompany the operating system upgrade. But what if these quirks show up in something a little bit more crucial than our games and other apps? Many people, in increasing numbers nonetheless, are relying on the cloud to safely and securely store their important pics, videos, and documents. Some of these files could be the difference between prosperity and famine for business owners. Some of these files, like family photos, are totally irreplaceable.

In the past several weeks, with the release of iOS 8 and subsequent dates, some of the iFaithful are having issues with their cloud storage providers. Dropbox users, after installing the iOS 8 update, have reported issues with their automatic upload feature. This bug caused an uproar, and the service had to temporarily disable its automatic upload feature, further inconveniencing its users. Even after a fix was issued and auto upload was restored, users continually had issues with photos and videos stored in the Dropbox cloud. Users complained of duplicate photo uploads of the same files and multiple thumbnails of the same files, while others suffered from crashes from launch of their Dropbox software.

Even Apple’s own iCloud is having issues with the bugs in iOS 8, as the new update is allegedly causing the cloud service to delete user documents. The “Reset All Settings” button is causing loss of these user files, as well as causing a lot of pain for users. Slow screens, random crashes, and other bugs are also being reported. Coupled with security problem accusations that surfaced after the leak of many photos that were allegedly hacked from the cloud, online storage services are taking a beating right now. But, not all of them are deserving.

Online storage and backup is supposed to be stable and secure, giving you an assurance that your files are safe, not causing you problems or potentially losing money for your business. With all of the uncertainty surrounding other cloud services, including the issues based around iCloud since its release in June, it is nice to have a cloud storage and backup service that is solid enough to avoid bugs and break-ins. Staying ahead of the curve, OpenDrive fixes compatibility issues before they are a problem, ensuring peace of mind for its users.

OpenDrive has had no issues with the iOS 8 update, and customers are very happy because of this. No data was lost or double uploaded. No complete data losses were reported, either. The app continues to run fluidly with no interruptions, limitations, or glitch like behavior experienced with other providers. This fact has made sure that OpenDrive’s iOS customers can continue their digital lives as normal and enjoy iOS 8 the way it is meant to be enjoyed.

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