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Usage Tracking and Alerts with OpenDrive

3 Mar 2014 | Under General | Posted by | 0 Comments

You have a business and want to utilize cloud storage to store your files, back them up and collaborate with colleagues and clients. You sign up for an OpenDrive Business Unlimited account or Custom Business account, upload all of your files and set up users with different levels of access for different folders on that account. Once you have that all set up and it is working, how do you know what each person is doing, what has been updated or changed on a daily basis, or how much space and bandwidth is being used?

With OpenDrive usage tracking and alerts, you can have that information at your fingertips whenever you need it. With their easy to use report forms, featured in their Custom Business and Business Unlimited accounts, filtering data to show which of your team members did what on which days couldn’t be easier. This not only allows you to be more productive, but you can also check on the status of projects more quickly and even know when to tweak the parameters of your OpenDrive account to accommodate your growing needs.

These are a few of the reports available with OpenDrive usage tracking:

Activity Logs

In the Settings section of the OpenDrive website, accessible by logging into your OpenDrive account, you will find the Activity Logs page. Here, you can not only view different things that your teammates are doing, but you can also monitor public downloads of files that you are sharing on your website, social media accounts or email through hot linking. Filterable by user, log type and timeframe, you can get a clearer and more specific picture of how your OpenDrive account is being accessed and used. Using more space or bandwidth than you expected? You can find out why with Activity Log reports.


OpenDrive also offers usage statistics in graph form, showing basic upload and download data for the account. You can filter these results by account user (including anonymous public access), view type (a period of a day, week, month or year) and timeframe. Once you enter the filter data and click Show, 4 tabs full of information are populated showing downloads, download bandwidth, uploads and upload bandwidth.

If your aim is to verify that your account is being used in a way that is not depleting your space or bandwidth or allowing unauthorized or excessive access, Statistics is the first place you should check. From there, you can find specific info in the Activity Logs section, which will narrow the data down and show you exactly where the problem exists.

How Do They Work Together?

Say you want to check your account usage for January 2014. Simply go to Settings > Statistics and make sure All Users, View Type – Day and the timeframe of January 1-31, 2014 are selected. Click Show and observe the graphs in the 4 tabs. You may notice that your download bandwidth usage tripled on January 19 and you are not sure why. Now, you can go to Settings > Activity Logs, select File Downloads in the filters and set one or both of the dates in the range to January 19, then click Show. You will then see a list of activity that will show, specifically, where the extra usage is occurring. You can then take appropriate steps to prevent unauthorized usage or upgrade your account if there is a legitimate need to increase your capacity.

Activity Notification

If you would like to be alerted whenever one of your account users registers any activity, you can check the option to receive email notifications any time that user uploads, edits or deletes a file, saving you the time and effort of having to log into your account to look for that data.

Complete Account Control

With OpenDrive, you have control of even the smallest details pertaining to the usage of your account. Usage tracking makes it easy to know what is going on, with whom and at what times. If you don’t want to check the data, email notifications will bring the data to you. When it comes to user management, OpenDrive thinks of everything.

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