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OpenDrive updates IP Management, Multiple User Option and Export Activity Logs

21 Aug 2012 | Under Website | Posted by | 0 Comments

We are pleased to announce new updates for OpenDrive website. Here are the lists of updates which will give our users more convenience and great experience using OpenDrive.

We have 3 new updates released during the weekend.

1)      IP Management: Users can specify IP or range of IPs which can access and download their files.

This option is available in Settings. If they want to limit their files to only specific IPs,

they need to block whole world (IP range to and then allow only IPs they wish to access their files.

2)      Edit multiple users:  Account owner or account administrator can select multiple users in

Users tab and edit their space, bandwidth, permission rights or folders selected users may access.

3)      Export Activity logs:

Users can select activity logs for their account and export them into csv file.