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OpenDrive Applications

12 Dec 2013 | Under General | Posted by | 0 Comments

Utilizing the full features of an OpenDrive cloud storage account is easier than ever with the variety of applications they offer, whether you are accessing the service from your PC, your Mac or a mobile device. OpenDrive’s web interface, WebDAV server and API allow you to access your account even if you aren’t able to download and install any of OpenDrive’s applications, or if your platform does not support the apps currently available. With OpenDrive, there is at least one option for every platform, making it convenient to access your files from truly anywhere and any device.

OpenDrive for the Web

You can use any web browser on any platform to access your OpenDrive account securely from anywhere in the world. No extra software or hardware is needed. Simply log into your account and you’ll be ready to go. This option allows you to administrate your OpenDrive account, manage users and groups, control space and bandwidth usage, view usage statistics, work with files and folders and so much more.

OpenDrive for Windows

With this powerful and easy to use desktop app, you can create a virtual cloud drive on your Windows based PC. Included in this package is OpenDrive’s exclusive Sync and Backup Manager, a comprehensive automated engine that allows you to choose which files and folders you wish to sync and back up, what intervals you would like the tasks performed, what files you would like excluded or included, and more. If you need a simpler and more direct solution, files can be dragged and dropped quickly through the built-in Windows Explorer integration.

OpenDrive for Mac

Like the Windows application, the Mac version offers a virtual cloud drive, but it is finely tuned to accommodate the secure and flexible OS-X system. Controlled entirely through the Menu Bar, OpenDrive for Mac integrates a virtual drive into Finder for basic drag and drop operations, and offers the same Sync and Backup Manager as a more advanced option.

OpenDrive for iOS

The iOS app is compatible with all newer generation iPhones, iPads and iPod Touches. This solution offers quick access to your OpenDrive account, from right inside your pocket, at any time. This app allows you to transfer files to and from your device, store files for offline use, stream audio and video files and collaborate on business documents while on the go.

OpenDrive for Android

Similar to the iOS app, the Android version gives you access to your files on any phone or tablet device that is compatible with the Google Play store.

OpenDrive WebDAV (beta)

WebDAV (Web Distributed Authoring and Versioning) is a method of accessing files and folders through an FTP-type client. This option makes it possible for people with alternative platforms such as Linux or Chrome OS to perform file and folder operations in bulk. Your OpenDrive account is connected through a secure HTTPS connection and protocol that allows OpenDrive to function as a network drive in Windows, mount in Linux using tools such as davfs, and even transfer data to and from the flash storage installed in your mobile device.

OpenDrive API

Access to the OpenDrive API provides a powerful solution if you are looking to integrate cloud storage into your website or software, providing the look and feel of your own specific interface with the power, versatility and reliability of OpenDrive-powered cloud storage under the hood.

A Total Solution

Whether you are looking to store and share your business documents, advertise your media or simply back up and sync your data across many locations and devices, regardless of the platform, OpenDrive provides a total solution that will cover any scenario. Take a drive on OpenDrive today!

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