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File Linking with OpenDrive

11 Dec 2013 | Under General | Posted by | 0 Comments

OpenDrive’s secured cloud service is the perfect place to store every kind of file, whether it’s just there for safe keeping or it’s open to share with the public. After setting the permissions for a file or folder to Public or Hidden, you can then share content by using OpenDrive’s link option. With direct linking (hotlinking) your files can be shared directly through email or links can be posted on your website or forum, allowing others to directly download the file without having to go to an extra page. This provides an excellent and affordable file hosting option, in which it appears that the file is being stored and accessed from your very own server.

While logged into an OpenDrive account, you can access these sharing options by hovering your mouse above the file, clicking the arrow, then scrolling to ‘Links’ or pressing the ‘share’ icon on the mobile application.


The five available linking options are as follows, though only audio and video files can be embedded and only certain file formats can be hotlinked:

File Link (URL)

With a URL link, clicking the link will direct you to a page on the OpenDrive website where a file or the contents of a folder can be viewed or downloaded. This is a quick option to allow public viewing of folders, but for security purposes, browsing to other folders on the user’s account is prohibited.

Direct Link (Streaming)

The streaming link is best suited for audio and video content, which will allow you to click the link to stream music or videos from any number of media players without having to download the file first, saving both time and storage space on your local device.

HTML Embed

Sometimes you need to embed an audio or video file into a website, forum or any other number of situations. OpenDrive offers the ability to host this type of content as well.


Sometimes a quick preview is all you need, or maybe a website will only allow you to post thumbnail images. Using this option can help you in even the tiniest of situations.

Link by Email

You can also select the option to send a link of a selected file or folder directly through email, providing the option to choose between one or multiple recipients.

Direct Link (Download)

Direct downloading (hotlinking) is a popular feature OpenDrive offers as a file sharing option, available to premium users or Basic users who have enabled hotlinking through OpenDrive’s free incentive program. When you click a hotlink, the linked file can be downloaded directly to your computer or device as if it was hosted on your own server. OpenDrive has also taken hotlinking one step further by creating the ability to set a ‘per download price’. This allows owners of original content to distribute their work or services across the web through direct links, all while using a PayPal account to receive funds paid.

The Simple Choice

Everybody has their own preferred method of accepting and distributing files, and OpenDrive’s solution provides several easy and convenient yet versatile methods to do so. Revoking access to any file shared in this way is as easy as moving or removing the file (which invalidates the link), or by simply changing its permissions to Private. No matter how you choose to share your files with others, OpenDrive provides the ideal solution that makes file and folder sharing simple yet secure.

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