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Introducing WebDAV – A Brand New Feature brought to you by OpenDrive

10 May 2013 | Under WebDAV | Posted by | 0 Comments


Please allow me to introduce to you WebDAV as one of the newest features designed specifically from user feedback.

As part of our continuing efforts in listening closely to our OpenDrive users we’ve made this feature available to our basic plan users and premium customers.

WebDAV stands for “Web Distributed Authoring and Versioning”. It is an extension of the Hypertext Transfer Protocol (HTTP) that facilitates collaboration between users in editing and managing documents and files stored on servers in the World Wide Web. It essentially makes the web a readable and writable medium and of course, in our case, it is through a secure connection so you don’t have to worry about the safety of your files. Below I will go over some of the benefits of using WebDAV.

Mapping Your OpenDrive to a Letter Drive

Previously, some customers reported problems with 3rd party programs not being able to access files and folders within OpenDrive. This is because of a limitation with the program itself and they could only point to a specific Drive (I.e. Your C drive).

With WebDAV, you can now map OpenDrive as a network drive with a drive letter (that you specify) which now makes your files accessible to these programs.

Not everyone reported these issues, but a select number of users were unhappy with the fact that they couldn’t see OD in desktop file managers like WinSCP, TotalCommander or even in Android file managers that support WebDAV or drive letters. Other programs also had problems with OpenDrive for some users, such as the MS Office programs, Adobe Reader and even AutoCad.

With WebDAV, the problem is now solved for these users. If you’ve ever had issues with any of these programs or any other – We suggest you take a look at the WebDAV guide here for full instructions on how to map your OpenDrive to a drive letter.

More Support for Linux Users

Another important benefit of using WebDAV is it now allows the ability to do terminal command based backups on linux.  Linux users can now use OpenDrive without having to go through the website. Since we currently do not provide a linux based application this feature should prove to be extremely useful.

Currently in Beta

Please keep in mind that WebDAV is currently in beta. If you need help getting this set up and please feel free to contact us at support (at) opendrive.com or follow the instructional guide below:

Click Here to Setup Drive Mapping for WebDAV