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Staying Safe in the Cloud with OpenDrive

19 Feb 2014 | Under General | Posted by | 0 Comments

Being able to store and access your files on the cloud is extremely convenient, easy and can save a lot of time and hassle. With any type of digital technology like this, however, the risk of your files and your privacy being compromised will greatly increase. To keep your files and your privacy safe and intact, it is necessary to maintain tight security. There are several ways that you can personally safeguard your files against prying eyes and unauthorized access, such as practicing common sense when it comes to your passwords and who you share them with.

There is also a great deal of things that a good cloud storage provider can do to protect against more severe threats, such as hackers who can slip into your account through a vulnerable script or web page, or even compromise the server on which the data is stored. Choosing the right cloud storage provider is a decision that should be based largely on how they handle the security of their servers (whether it is physical or remote access), how they manage connections through their website and applications, and what options they make available to control access to your account and files.

Below are some things to look for that are absolutely essential to ensure your files and personal info are safe on the cloud, and how OpenDrive suits those needs:


How the data is stored and accessed is very important. Where are their data centers located and what laws are they subject to? Who has physical or remote access? How is the data accessed? Is there encryption in the connection between your device and the server?

OpenDrive has secure N+1 data centers located in the Silicon Valley in California. The building is protected by around the clock security to prevent unauthorized physical access and only OpenDrive personnel have access remotely. Connections to and from the servers are encrypted with 128 bit SSL encryption and files are scanned with Comodo HackerGuardian Antivirus software continuously. Your accounts can only be accessed with a user name and password through the website or apps. There is also API access available, but it requires special permission.

File Encryption

Another important question to ask is: How are files encrypted on the servers to protect against unauthorized access by anyone, including the cloud storage provider’s staff? Also, what levels of encryption exist and what types are used? Are they secured enough to give you the peace of mind you need?

OpenDrive utilizes an additional option, through its desktop apps for Windows and Mac, which is called the Secure Files Folder. This folder is protected with 256 bit AES encryption that is Zero Knowledge. You create a password to access the folder and the password is only known to you. Not even OpenDrive staff can access that folder.

User Access

What if you want to share your files with certain people while not making them available to the public? How can that access be controlled and in what ways?

OpenDrive offers comprehensive user access control that allows you to not only control who has access to your files and folders, but how much space and bandwidth they can use, whether they can upload to or download from folders, whether or not they can edit documents in those folders and whether they have write access to the folders or they can just view the files within.

Being Safe Is Critical

As you can see, there is a lot more to choosing the best cloud storage provider than just popularity, affordability and ease of use. Being safe in the cloud is of the utmost importance in this Internet age and OpenDrive provides the tools needed for your peace of mind. You can rest assured that with OpenDrive, you are totally safe in the cloud.

You can read more about OpenDrive’s security policy here.

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