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Are You Running Out of Storage on Your Device?

16 Jul 2014 | Under General | Posted by | 0 Comments

There have been more and more articles popping up lately on blogs and social media about people who are running out of storage on their devices. This is usually due to storage space on those devices being limited to begin with, for various reasons. Some manufacturers keep storage capacity limited to cut down on the overall cost of making the device, in an attempt to pass those savings on to the consumer. Other companies do it to encourage upgrades and tell you that if you are getting low on space, simply buying a new device with double the storage will solve your problem. Other devices have plenty of space for normal use, but maybe you just have such a large collection of apps and media files stored that the space is easily taken up anyway.

So what is the best solution when it comes to overcoming these storage space issues? Not everyone has $600 lying around to upgrade their iPhone and not every portable device can offer convenience while providing infinite local storage space. Some devices like the new laptops and tablets on the market can accommodate USB drives that allow you to back some of your files up, but these also cost a lot when getting into the multiple-terabyte range. No matter what means you use to solve your storage problems utilizing hardware options available today, you will not find an unlimited solution with conventional means.

The answer is cloud storage. With the right provider, one that offers unlimited storage for a reasonable price, your storage issues are easily resolved. No matter how many files you have, whether they are MP3s, videos, pictures or other files, you can simply upload copies of them to the cloud and access those files whenever you want, from any device and from anywhere with an Internet or cell phone network connection. You can have every song and movie you own, as well as every picture, available with a few touches, on demand and without restrictions. The space that is available on your local phone or tablet can be exclusively reserved for apps that you have installed.

There are some people out there who, out of desperation, are even hacking their phones to be able to access the root directory, which allows deletion of unnecessary files. Some people report that they can save up to 1GB of space this way, but why risk the possible problems that this can cause? Some people have the adventurous spirit that makes the risk worth it to them, but if you are just someone who is trying to enjoy the amenities of modern electronics and have them as the convenient solution they are intended to be, doing things like rooting or jailbreaking your phone or tablet will be way out of your comfort zone. If you are not too technically inclined or the directions you were provided were inaccurate, you could end up permanently bricking your device, which leaves the files stored within inaccessible and therefore lost.

But there is a much simpler, cost effective and convenient solution, one that involves no risk whatsoever. Storing copies of your files on the cloud can provide access to unlimited storage capacity right at your fingertips for a very low monthly or yearly fee. So before you consider spending hundreds or thousands of dollars on equipment upgrades or hardware, or simply sacrificing your ability to have your files be portable, why not give cloud storage a try? Sign up for an unlimited plan today or take advantage of a free trial to see how you like it before committing to the cloud.

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