OpenDrive is on odrive

OpenDrive partnered with odrive

What is odrive?

** Note that OpenDrive on oDrive is currently not active. We will update soon when it is **

odrive brings all your storage together in one place. Instead of remembering multiple passwords and managing multiple tools, odrive combines all storage together in a single folder synchronized with your computer.

How does OpenDrive work with odrive?

With odrive, you can access your OpenDrive storage, along with all your other apps, clouds and services, from a single folder on your desktop.

In addition to OpenDrive, odrive also links:

Google Drive
Microsoft OneDrive
Amazon Cloud Drive

Oracle Documents
Yandex Disk

Amazon S3

More sources are being added regularly. Please check for the complete list of supported links.

Why use odrive with OpenDrive?

• One login to all your apps and services
• Progressive sync to all your content
• Sync with placeholders to save disk space
• Full support for El Capitan and Windows 10

How do I get odrive?

1) Go to You can sign in with your existing login from Facebook, Google, Microsoft, or Amazon. There is no need to create a new account.

2) You can link your OpenDrive account by browsing to OpenDrive in our Link catalog and clicking on “Link OpenDrive”. If you have other cloud storage accounts, browse to them and link them to bring them into odrive.

3) Download the odrive sync client.

That’s it. One login to all your clouds, apps and services.