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A Powerful, Cloud Based Drive Accessible from Anywhere!

OpenDrive is a service providing you with 5GB of free cloud storage to view, share, and collaborate on your documents.
Access your data from anywhere and from any connection. Upload new files or manage your existing ones. Manage folders and create and edit documents with our online office suite, all without installing any software.

OpenDrive also lets you share your files and folders with anyone through links. You can also create account users and manage their direct access to specific folders.

Online Storage | User Guide
  • Upload, Create, Edit, Replace, Move and Preview Files
  • Drag and Drop Upload
  • Move Files and Folders by Drag and Drop
  • Upload New File Versions
  • Create Folders and Subfolders
  • Public, Hidden and Private Permission for Each File and Folder
  • Share Files and Folders Through URL Links
  • File Hotlinking
  • File Password Protection
  • URL Shortener
  • Image Rotation
  • Download and Streaming URLs for Each File
  • Download Shortcut for Each File or Folder
  • File Destination URLs (Specific Website URLs Where Files Can Be Accessible)
  • Embed Photo, Video, and Audio Files
  • Audio Player and Video Player
  • Public Upload to Your Folders
  • Preview DICOM Images
  • File Version History
  • Unzip Your ZIP Files
  • Fetch Files from Any Website or File Storage
  • Sell Your Files
  • Download Files in ZIP Format
  • Search Files
  • Trash and Restore Files and Folders
  • Export File Links to CSV
  • Send Files and Folders by Email
User Management (Account Users and Groups)
  • Create and Edit Groups
  • Create, Edit, Block, Unblock and Delete Account Users Separately or in Bulk
  • Search Users
  • Edit and View Permissions for Selected Folders
  • Specify Storage Space and Bandwidth Allotments for Each Account User
  • Admin Permissions for Each Account User
  • Account User Activity Statistics
  • Account User Activity Notifications by Email
  • Daily Statistic Reports to Email

  • Custom Subdomain
  • Custom Branding (White Labeling - Logo, Colors, Drive Nameand Host Mapping to Your Own Domain)
  • Secure SSL Connection
  • Activity Logs for Each Account User
  • Upload and Download Statistics for Each Account User
  • IP Management - Specify an IP or a Range of IPs from Which People Can or Cannot Download Your Files
  • Multi-Language Support
New Features
  • File Password Protection
  • Daily Statistic Notifications to Email
  • URL Shortener
  • Image Rotation
  • Unlimited Storage Plans
  • Preview DICOM Images
  • Move Users into Different Groups by Drag and Drop.
  • File Version Limit (Option to Maximum File Versions from 1 to 99. Default Limit is 10)
  • Branding (Added Option to Upload Own Favicon and Change Text on Login Page)
  • Option to Change Email Format to TXT or HTML
  • Disabled Administration for Account User with "User" Permissions
  • Contact Us Page
  • Resend New Account User Invitation
  • IP Management - Specify an IP or a Range of IPs from Which People Can or Cannot Download Your Files
  • Activity Logs for Each Account User
  • Upload and Download Statistics
  • Download Shortcut for Files or Folders
  • Video Player
  • Custom Branding (White Labeling - Logo, Colors, Drive Name, Host Mapping to Your Own Domain)
  • Audio Player
  • Export File Links to CSV
  • Drag and Drop Upload
  • Download Selected Files from OpenDrive Folders
  • Request Trial Page
  • Multi-Lingual Support - 13 Languages
  • Account Owner and Account Users Can Set OpenDrive to Be Displayed in Different Languages
  • Replace Existing Files and Keep Original URL Links
  • Upload New Version of Any File
  • Edit up to 17 Different Types of Files and Documents Online
  • Fixed Upload Issues in Browsers Without Flash
  • Unzip ZIP Files on the Website
  • Graphic Recognition of Files with Multiple Versions
  • Other Improvements and Bug Fixes

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